Automatenlabor- medica medizinische Laboratorien

Automated Laboratory

Our Automated Laboratory is an integrated lab with emergency analysis capabilities that covers a very wide spectrum of different methods and analytes , including all emergency analyses, e.g. electrolytes, troponin for diagnosing cardiac ischemia, etc. Approximately 180 different analyses are available continuously for random access (analytical information), and about 2.4 million analytical results a year (as at 2023) are generated.

Automatenlabor - medica

The analyses span the fields and methods of classic clinical chemistry (e.g. photometry, turbidimetry, ion-selective electrodes, freezing point depression, etc.) as well as immunological analyses based on antigen-antibody reactions (e.g. CLIA, TRACE, ECLIA, etc.).

  • Elektrolytes
  • Enzymes
  • Metabolites
  • Substrates
  • Proteines
  • Medication/drugs
  • Hormones
  • Infection serology
  • Tumor markers


The laboratory has a high level of automation, while state-of-the-art RFID technology and barcoding guarantee the highest possible safety and continuous monitoring/tracking of samples. The completely new lab automation, which was introduced in 2021, integrates various pre-analytical functions (e.g. material identification, centrifuging, sample distribution and sample transportation), the analysis itself, involving ten connected analytical modules, as well as post-analysis (e.g. aliquoting and technical validation), thus enabling compliance with the highest quality standards and the fastest possible relaying of results to the sender.


Picture: Not a spacecraft, but the Automated Laboratory at night in a polar light atmosphere

Your contact persons

DrJan Weile

Head Clinical Chemistry and Automated Laboratory
FAMH Clinical Chemistry and NF Microbiology
Specialist fields: clinical chemistry, microbiology, immunohaematology, transfusion medicine and molecular biology

044 269 99 51

Dr. Regina Rullo - medica

Regina Rullo

BMA HF Team Leader Automated Laboratory

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