List of laboratory analysis

MEDICA offers a comprehensive range of analysis services, which are carried out and managed by our expert FAMH and FMH laboratory specialists.


You can download our VADEmedica (List of Analyses) to get a quick overview of all the analysis services we offer (status as of 01.01.2024).

The currently valid prices can be found in the FOPH analysis list.

We recommend that you consult the “Suspected Diagnosis – Laboratory Diagnostics” and “Medical Interpretations of Laboratory Metrics” reference works alongside VADEmedica (which can be obtained free of charge via



VADEmedica is split into the following sections:


Download (complete)

“VADEmedica” list of laboratory analyses (Pdf)


Obtaining your results

You are free to choose how you would like to receive your results – by post, fax, e-mail or electronically (proprietary, website medica login).


Samples and material for submission

You will be provided with the Vacutainer and Monovette blood collection systems as well as all other specialist sampling and transport sets free of charge. Please use the relevant order forms if you would like to place any orders.


Sample transport

A courier service is available daily. Please contact the field service department if you need to make any changes or have any special requirements


Sample labelling

Samples must be labelled correctly. Blood group samples are to be labelled with the patient’s full name and date of birth (SRC guidelines) – otherwise, blood group certificates cannot be issued.


Sample storage / Serum Bank

You are welcome to make use of our free Serum Bank to store your samples (serum). Serum can be re-tested no more than eight months after blood has been collected.


Quality control

Quality control checks are performed systematically to ensure that deviations in the accuracy of measurements can be identified and corrected without delay.
Reference values are automatically reviewed from one analysis series to another and from one day to another, and are then rechecked by specialists. Our quality is constantly being reviewed through our participation in Swiss and international interlaboratory surveys. Quality control checks are performed in accordance with the regulations issued by expert associations and Qualab.


Charges and invoicing

Laboratory analyses are invoiced in accordance with the Federal List of Analyses (AL) issued by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) (form 318.935 d / f / i; Federal Printing and Supplies Office, CH-3000 Bern, Tel. 031 322 39 16). Tax points (TP) are listed in VADEmedica. (One tax point is equal to CHF 1). On request, invoicing can be direct to the health insurance provider or to the patient. Medical services are charged in accordance with TARMED.

* This analysis is performed by an external laboratory partner.


General information about VADEmedica

Individual analyses are listed in alphabetical order. If there is no mention of specific materials, you can send us 1.0 mL serum. This volume is generally enough for several analyses. Please take note of the separate instructions for exceptional cases.


All amendments have been made on the basis of the version of the List of Analyses applicable on 1 January 2024. No liability is accepted for amendments or deviations.

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