Our examinations cover the entire spectrum of the conventional histopathology assessment of tissue samples from all organ systems, including rapid sections for intraoperative tumour diagnosis, or to ensure consistent monitoring of incision margins.

For immunohistochemical examinations, we use an extensive panel of diagnostically relevant antibodies to determine prognostic and predictive factors, amongst other things.




Submitting samples for general histology

Different-sized plastic containers containing 4% buffered formalin for sending tissue samples are available to order.

Samples should be fixed in the containers immediately after they have been harvested. Please ensure that the container in which you are submitting your sample is large enough to secure the specimen. All containers are to be labelled with a patient sticker. The request forms should contain all the necessary information to identify the sender and the patient, as well as clinical information and queries.

Almost all of the examination procedures (conventional and immunohistochemical staining and molecular pathological analyses) used in routine diagnostics can be applied to tissue samples fixed in formalin.

Samples can be submitted by post or through our Courier Service.


Submitting samples for rapid examination

Harvesting sections for rapid examination involves preparing frozen sections, which is why the tissue samples must be sent in their original form and registered by telephone in advance.

Telephone registration: 044 269 99 88

Please make sure that you provide the name and telephone number of the contact person for callback on the request form.

Rapid sections can be collected by our Courier Service on request.


Submitting samples for direct immunofluorescence examination (DIF)

DIF is performed on frozen sections in order to detect autoantibodies that have been deposited in the skin, e.g. in the case of inflammatory dermatoses. If DIF is being performed, biopsies must be sent in their original form.


Opening hours

07.30 a.m. – 06.00 p.m.



  • Biopsies: 95% < 2 days
  • Resections: 95% < 5 days
  • Mucosectomies: 95% > 10 days


Submission containers

Please use the following submission containers

  • Biopsies 901-902
  • Small excisions 901-903
  • Curettage 902-904
  • Resections 903-907

Your contact persons

Prof DrAurelia Noske

Head of Histology
Specialist in Pathology FMH

044 269 99 16

PD DrEwerton Marques Maggio

Deputy Lead Histology
Specialist in Pathology and Molecular Pathology FMH

044 269 99 71

Our Histology is an SIWF certified continuing education center.

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