Obtaining your results by EDI

Our customers (doctors, hospitals, practices) are free to choose how they would like to receive their results – by fax, post, e-mail, online or directly through their practice software. This is constantly being adapted to the state of the art.

EDI e-mail

Results are sent as PDF, HTML or XML files in the form of an e-mail attachment. HTML files can be viewed and printed out using a current Internet browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc.). The XML format is ideal if you would like to process the results (import into your practice software).
Although any e-mail address can be used as the recipient address, we do strongly recommend that you use an e-mail address with encrypted data transfer for security reasons. An e-mail address of this kind can be obtained through HIN (free for FMH members).

In addition to detailed findings, we also provide you with so-called cumulative findings containing the five most recent preliminary values from previous findings for each analysis.


EDI online

You can access your results at any time on our website. Thanks to real-time access, you can see the current status of all your orders – including findings that are not yet complete.

Access is granted via a secure Internet connection (SSL / https). All you need is a current Internet browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and the necessary access information.

Interested? Get in touch with us: kundenbetreuung@medica.ch


EDI transfer

The findings being shared are written up in a file and stored in a protected area on our data server.

Data is transferred via medica’s own free, secure interface, which is compatible with the respective software providers.

We provide you with a simple program which retrieves the findings from our server via a secure connection (SSL) and saves them on your computer. Findings can be provided in the following file formats: HL7, XML or UN/EDIFACT.

The following doctor software packages are currently able to incorporate our findings:



Software Company
Achilles Axon Lab AG
MediWin CB Ärztekasse
AESKULAP Kern Concept AG
curaprax Swisscom Health AG
Digisono Digisono
E-General E-Medicus AG
elexis Medelexis AG
Handy Patients Handylife Sàrl
MedicalConcept Advanced Concept AG
MEDICOwin® Info Call Produkte AG
mediX mediX
pex II Delemed AG
siMed Amétiq AG
TriaMed HCI Solutions AG
vitomed Vitodata AG

Your contact person

Richard Mörgeli, IT Kundenbetreuung - medica

Richard Moergeli

Head Client Integration

044 269 67 67

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