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FAMH-Laboratory Codex – on your side

In practically all sectors of the economy, questions of compliance beyond the legal framework have grown in importance. Self-regulation expectations in relation to transparency, fairness in business relationships and fair competition have grown to an equal extent. It is against this background that the FAMH (Swiss Association of Medical Laboratories) and several leading actors in laboratory medicine have developed a Laboratory Codex, that further underpins the existing obligations of health actors in Switzerland and hence functions as a guidance and supplementary framework tool.

Labor medica has always regarded quality of services, work according to certification and accreditation standards, and correct and righteous behaviour, among their top priorities.

By signing the FAMH-Laboratory Codex we reaffirm this belief. We’re on your side.

Your contact person

ProfWalter Fassbender, Chief Medical Officer

FMH Internal Medicine
FMH Endocrinology/Diabetology
FMH Gastroenterology
FAMH Clinical Chemistry

044 269 99 57

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