The diagnosis of diseases (tumours and other lesions) of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord, incl. the respective surrounding structures such as bone and soft tissue) is ensured by the use of state-of-the-art histomorphological and molecular pathological examination methods.


The diagnostic spectrum includes the following:

  • intraoperative rapid incisions
  • prompt shipment of fresh tissue for nanoDx rapid tests to external institute
  • histological and immunohistochemical studies on fixed neurosurgical tissue samples (in 4% buffered formalin)
  • next-generation sequencing (NGS) brain tumour gene panel analysis
  • MGMT promoter and enhancer methylation
  • timely transfer for methylation EPIC array-based molecular pathology methodology to external institute that analyses over 850,000 DNA methylation sites and, using a computer-based algorithmic process, significantly improves the diagnostic assignment of brain tumours
  • clonality analyses in CNS lymphomas
  • tumour-specific immunohistochemistry, ISH and NGS panels in CNS metastases
  • cytological examination, e.g. CSF

Your contact persons

ProfElisabeth Rushing

Specialist in neuropathology

044 269 67 26

DrAna Borovecki

Specialist in Pathology FMH

044 269 97 91

PD DrEwerton Marques Maggio

Deputy Lead Histology
Specialist in Pathology and Molecular Pathology FMH

044 269 99 71

DrAli Fuat Okuducu

Specialist in Pathology FMH and neuropathology

044 269 67 96

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