Helicobacter 13C breath test

Helicobacter pylori is a bacterium which attacks the gastric mucosa and is responsible for chronic inflammation of the stomach (gastritis) and the duodenum.

The 13C breath test uses isotope-selective infrared spectroscopy on breath samples before ingestion of a urea preparation and 30 minutes afterwards, to determine whether a Helicobacter infection could be present. Unlike other methods, the test can determine how much of the bacteria is active and can therefore also be used as a way of monitoring the efficacy of treatment.

Patients should not eat anything or drink carbonated drinks in the eight hours leading up to the test.

Sampling can be done at your doctor’s office or, after making an appointment by telephone, at our premises (044 269 99 41).


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You can obtain complete sets for collecting specimens, together with instructions, from our Customer Services team.

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