Genetische Beratung medica

Genetic Counselling Centre

Genetic counselling is aimed at the identification of a hereditary risk of disease and, where possible, the initiation of preventive measures.


Anyone who would like to learn more about the possible genetic background to an own disease or condition or one in the family, or would like to undertake a genetic analysis of such a disease or condition, can attend genetic counselling.


Genetic counselling – when does it make sense?


  • The presence of a known hereditary disease or genetic defect in the family
  • In the case of familial tumour disease
  • Genetic testing in the case of a possible future risk of disease
  • Unexplained childlessness, repeated spontaneous abortion
  • Blood-relative couples wishing to have children (e.g. cousins)
  • Counselling for pregnant women prior to planned prenatal diagnosis
  • Abnormalities diagnosed in prenatal screening
  • Previous birth of a child with a physical and/or mental disability or developmental disability that is likely to be of genetic origin


Genetische Beratung medica

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